Briony Williams(Senior Consultant)

Briony is a recent addition to the ArborCarbon team, bringing over 5 years’ experience working in plant pathology. In 2013 Briony graduated from Murdoch University with an honors degree in Conservation Biology and proceeded to work as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management (CPSM). Here she gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of plant-pathogen interactions and plant diseases prevalent in Western Australian natural vegetation, particularly Phytophthora dieback, both in the field and in the laboratory. She was the main diagnostician for the Plant Pathology Diagnostics facility of the CPSM, diagnosing pathogens responsible for diseases in native forests, urban vegetation and agricultural crops. She worked alongside successful scientists on research projects, developing and expanding her research ability.

Briony is rapidly learning new skills involving Python scripting, machine learning, data processing and analysis. She is involved with developing new techniques for identifying plant pathogens. Briony has strong GIS analytical in determining changes in vegetation condition on a spatial and temporal scale.