Multispectral and Hyperspectral sensors: Cubert Q285 FireflEYE QE

The Q285 is the first of its kind - a full frame, non-scanning, imaging spectrometer. This technology combines the simplicity of a point-and-shoot camera with the precision of hyperspectral imaging. This VIS to NIR imaging spectrometer was designed having industry, laboratory and outdoor use in mind. With its IP65 certification it is especially designed for rough environments and long term stability. The unique working principle guarantees easy access to hyperspectral images, and real time processing up to hyperspectral video frame rates.


  • wavelength range: 450nm – 950nm 125 channels
  • resolution: 8 nm @ 532 nm sampling 4 nm
  • pan resolution: 1 Megapixel 2500 spectra / cube
  • standard housing: IP65 splash proof
  • weight: 3kg
  • power consumption: 8W @ 12V
  • cable: 3m
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