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Arborcarbon Products

We can provide a range of products to enable you to maintain the health of your vegetation – from rapid diagnostic kits, to hyperspectral sensors and novel systemic treatments.

Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS)

Often referred to as drones or UAV’s, these systems are growing in popularity for a wide range of commercial applications. ArborCarbon is the exclusive distributor for Australasia of the high quality, german-­‐built, carbon-­‐fibre, X8 Copter with a large payload (11kg), retractable legs, lightweight and compact, smart design and full integrations with our range of lightweight hyperspectral sensors as well as Sony cameras and BlackMagic 4K video cameras.

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Sensors

ArborCarbon is the exclusive distributor throughout the Oceania region for the Cubert and Quest Innovations range of laboratory, field and airborne mounted multispectral and hyperspectral sensors. These sensors have a diverse range of applications and their light-weight and portability makes them ideally suited for mounting on UAS (UAV/drone) for precision diagnosis and monitoring of vegetation, including agriculture, forestry, turf, urban and plantation systems.

Mapping and Imaging Software

ArborCarbon is the exclusive West Australian distributor for ARBORtrack tree management software and also distributes the Android mapping software MAPPT. These packages differ markedly and provide many choices for those wanting to survey, monitor and map their vegetation assets. ArborCarbon is also the exclusive Oceanic distributor for Cubert’s Cubeware software and Quest Innovations Architector Software.


ArborCarbon is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the MEDICAP and PHOSCAP range of systemic tree care implants. These implants are designed to mitigate premature decline in trees due to various health disorders and injury.

PLANT Disease Diagnosis

ArborCarbon is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the Neogen and Pocket Diagnostic® range of Plant Disease Diagnostic Kits.

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