ArborCarbon were contracted to diagnose the cause(s) of decline in health of vegetation and provide recommendations for sustainable management, and where appropriate, implement management strategies.

Project Detail
Project Description

Parks and Remnant Bushland within urban and peri-urban environments provide many very important benefits to the community, including general well-being, reduced noise and air pollution, reduced UV and heat exposure, social interaction with other community members, and habitat to numerous birds, reptiles and insects. The health of the vegetation within these areas is therefore incredibly important and as such, the ongoing maintenance requires significant sums of money. Decline in health of the vegetation can reduce the benefits provided to community and biodiversity, and can increase expenditure due to an increased need for pruning, removal and replacement.

Surveys were carried out within the assistance of GPS and GIS software, and disease symptoms catalogued, samples collected, and laboratory analysis undertaken to diagnose abiotic and biotic disorders.

DELIVERABLES: The findings of this project resulted in the diagnosis of a wide range of factors predisposing, inciting and contributing to the decline in health of vegetation. Factors included but were not limited to pests, diseases, nutritional disorders, pesticides, drought, hail damage, construction and mechanical damage. One outcome of these surveys was the identification of many different species of Phytophthora associated with declining trees. Nine species were identified using a combination of traditional and DNA-based techniques, three of these new to science, and one new record for Australia. A range of recommendations were provided to clients to sustainably manage their vegetation, and where appropriate, treatments applied that in most cases have mitigated the decline in health of trees and noticeably improved their canopy vigour. Benefits include reduced risk of trees to occupants, improved health of the trees, and reduced costs for ongoing maintenance (i.e. pruning), and retention of the vegetation for future enjoyment. ArborCarbon has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat trees for ongoing sustainable management.