ArborCarbon were contracted to locate potential Groundwater Dependent Vegetation (GDV), provide an experimental design to precisely monitor the change in condition and cover of GDV over time....

Project Detail
Project Description

Mining companies are required by regulatory bodies to monitor the vegetation within and adjacent to their tenements to identify any negative impacts on vegetation health caused by their operations. A Vegetation Monitoring Program (VMP) needed to be designed to identify potential sites for monitoring the effect of groundwater drawdown on Groundwater Dependent Vegetation (GDV). The VMP needed to be designed so that it could be carried out in collaboration between client staff and environmental consultants.

A combination of desktop studies using GIS software and available datasets, and in-situ monitoring using traditional, novel and innovative technologies and techniques were conducted to meet the objectives of the project. The number and location of impact and control sites were designed so that any future negative change in condition and cover of GDV at impact sites due to drawdown of groundwater could be detected and management strategies implemented. Techniques utilized for in-situ monitoring ensured the ongoing monitoring was achievable through collaboration between client and ArborCarbon personnel.

DELIVERABLES: A desktop study was undertaken to identify the location of potential Groundwater Dependent Vegetation (GDV). A ground validation survey was then carried out with the assistance of GIS and GPS software to locate these sites, determine their suitability, and assess factors important to the VMP (i.e. distance to production bore, position within the landscape etc.). Suitable sites were then established and baseline monitoring undertaken by ArborCarbon with the assistance of client staff using a combination of traditional and novel techniques to measure a range of attributes related to vegetation condition and cover. Data analysis was undertaken and a detailed report provided on the baseline condition and cover of GDV at each site. ArborCarbon has the knowledge and expertise to design and implement Vegetation Monitoring Programs for sustainable vegetation management.