Since 2009 ArborCarbon has been using satellite and high-­‐resolution airborne thermal imagery to measure land surface temperature (LST) over Perth capital city and LGA’s within. This information has been used by LGA’s for development of their Urban Forest Plans and show the benefits of increasing canopy cover and the negative effect of dark impervious surfaces (i.e. bitumen, dark roofs) on urban heat.

Project Detail
Project Description

LGA’s require information on the heat islands and cool islands in their area and the correlation between temperatute, canopy cover and impervious surface. This helps to guide future planning and prioritise areas for planting. Dr Paul Barber, Director of ArborCarbon, has been invited all over the world to showcase the results of these projects.

DELIVERABLES: Detailed reports of the satellite and high-resolution airborne derived land-surface temperature. Data presented in easy to interpret graphs and tables, and datasets provided in georeferenced formats for easy intregration into the users GIS (i.e. Intramaps).