The accurate diagnosis of vegetation health disorders is critical to the implementation of correct and successful management strategies. Forest pathology is a highly specialized scientific field dealing with the identification of abiotic and biotic factors that cause the decline in health of vegetation.

Our highly qualified pathologists have described many new species of pathogen associated with diseases of vegetation in Australia, Asia and South America. We specialize in diagnosing the causes of some of the most complex vegetation health disorders.

Our forest pathology consultants at ArborCarbon have accurately identified many new diseases affecting vegetation throughout the Asia Pacific region. These include numerous pathogens affecting native Australian and sub-tropical Asian trees, and many Phytophthora species causing dieback of trees. We love a challenge and have formed partnerships with other highly qualified pathologists to develop innovative methods for the diagnosis of vegetation health disorders so that we can implement successful management strategies for sustainable vegetation management. We specialise in the isolation and accurate identification of Phytophthora to species level using a combination of traditional and DNA sequencing techniques. Over the past two years we have identified more than 10 species of Phytophthora associated with diseased vegetation across the Asia Pacific region.

We are able to detect to 1ppb a wide range of pesticides and herbicides within foliage and soil, and we have identified new records of insect pests associated with declining vegetation.

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