Environmental Monitoring

As the world population expands the impact upon the environment rapidly increases. Our environmental consultants specialize in the precise monitoring of vegetation health, a key component of a healthy environment.

We have been engaged by some of Australia’s largest mining companies to design, establish and undertake vegetation monitoring programs to measure the potential impact of mining operations on surrounding vegetation. The focus of these programs has been sheet flow mulga vegetation (SFMV) and riparian and groundwater dependent vegetation (RGDV) or groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDE’s).

The broad range of skills of our consultants, including the ability to carry out field work in remote areas, think laterally, and have the in-depth understanding of remote sensing technologies and GIS systems, ensures these monitoring programs are precise, innovative, scientifically robust, but most importantly, achievable and outcome-driven. Our highly qualified consultants combine these skills with many years of experience of vegetation health disorders to provide reports for the purpose of ongoing sustainable vegetation management. Our consultants also apply these skills to environmental monitoring of vegetation for private and government bodies.

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