Dr Harry Eslick, BSc (Hons) PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr Harry Eslick has worked for 10 years in the Australian truffle industry in South West WA, in varying capacities including research and farm management roles. He completed in PhD in truffle agronomy and disease management in 2016 where he became adept in experimental design, statistical data analysis and interpretation of complex datasets related to tree health and practical aspects of horticultural plantation management.

Harry has worked with ArborCarbon since 2016 and currently manages a broad range of projects including the use of metham sodium to eradicate Phytophthora dieback for Main Roads WA, and precision quantification of urban forests using remotely sensed imagery. Harry has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of multispectral and hyperspectral data sets, including the development of machine learning models for object detection and classification.

Harry has had recent experience working on projects to identify native sandalwood plants from aerial imagery in rangeland areas of WA, species classification and mensuration of Indian sandalwood plantations, and classification and monitoring of tree health within the City of Melbourne.