ArborCarbon prides itself on bridging the gap between science and management. Innovation is one of our core values, and innovation cannot be achieved without extensive research effort. ArborCarbon scientists have supervised more than 100 PhD and Honours projects, have published more than 600 peer-reviewed research articles, and have existing collaborations with more than 10 universities across the globe. On a daily basis we continue to invest a large amount of resources into in-house research to ensure our clients have access to proven and reliable technologies for sustainable vegetation management backed by science.


In 2017, the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformational Training Centres (ARC ITTC) funded a centre for CubeSats, UAVs and their Applications (CUAVA). ArborCarbon is the major private industry partner in CUAVA, providing post-graduate students with an important connection with industry, and providing research partners access to cutting-edge commercial and proprietary sensors for very high-resolution airborne derived hyperspectral imagery.


Post-graduate students

ArborCarbpn Directors Associate Professor Paul Barber and Professor Giles Hardy supervise a number of honors, masters and PhD students globally. ArborCarbon consultants come from a scientific background, and have a genuine interest for research and innovation, and are always looking for new projects to be involved with.