Plant Pathology and Biosecurity

Our scientists have more than six decades of experience in plant, truffle and forest pathology, studying and describing many new pathogens impacting vegetation globally. These include numerous pathogens affecting native Australian and sub-tropical Asian trees, and many Phytophthora species causing dieback of trees.


We love a challenge and have formed partnerships with other highly qualified pathologists to develop innovative methods for the diagnosis of vegetation health disorders so that we can implement successful management strategies for sustainable vegetation management. We specialise in the isolation and accurate identification of Phytophthora to species level using a combination of traditional and DNA sequencing techniques.

Remote Detection & Surveillance

Combined with an in-depth knowledge of remote sensing technologies, we have been engaged to implement innovative projects for remote detection of pathogens and early detection for biosecurity. We utilise the latest techniques, communicate the science and implement effective project management, to ensure our clients are armed with the tools to protect their vegetation