‘Shocking images’ reveal death of 10,000 hectares of mangroves

A report by ABC News reporter Kate Wild reveals thousand hectares of mangroves are dead across a stretch of coastline reaching from Queensland to the Northern Territory. 

“International mangroves expert Dr Norm Duke said he had no doubt the “dieback” was related to climate change.”

Affected area in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Google Map

Affected area in the Gulf of Carpentaria – Google Map

ArborCarbon scientists have been monitoring the mangroves around Port Hedland for almost 10 years.  Our recent mangrove monitoring trip recorded stable mangrove community health and condition.

Healthy mangroves are very import for the following reasons;

  • Provide coastal protection (from erosion and buffer storms)
  • Fishery nursery and habitat
  • Large biodiversity of flora and fauna (including migratory)

Australia has approximately 11,000 km2 of mangrove habitat that is rapidly declining from emerging pressures. Awareness of mangrove importance is crucial for the survival of this important ecosystem.

The importance of mangroves is eloquently explained in this Radio National podcast from The Science Show in 2010, by their guest, comedian John Clarke, who is involved in a project to restore the Mangroves of Western Port Bay, which lies east of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay.

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