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Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) or ‘Drones’ – are they the answer for precision vegetation monitoring?

Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS), Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV), or Drones as commonly referred to, have captured the imagination of people. Their potential applications are almost endless, but are they the most appropriate platform for collection of airborne imagery on vegetation cover and condition. ArborCarbon scientists have been conducting research on the applications of satellite and […]

Perth’s leafy western suburbs are rapidly losing their tree canopy cover.

Nedlands losing it’s tree cover ArborCarbon scientists undertook a study over 2 years based on aerial surveys using multi-spectral, high resolution imaging. The results were startling and concerning. The majority of councils within the ‘leafy western suburbs’ have experienced a loss in canopy cover over the  two-year period. The study showed that the hottest areas in the […]

Ancient Jarrah tree and bees murdered

I was interviewed by John J Zylstra regarding the ancient jarrah tree cut down in Perth’s southern suburbs last week. Contractors cut down this awesome tree – their reasoning was because of bee hive in the tree hollows.  I’m afraid this practice is all too common in locations that are proposed for future development in […]

Senseless felling of old Jarrah

Very few Jarrahs of this size exist now in the Perth urban area… Today I went to visit the site a few minutes from me where a Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) possibly 500 years old or more, was felled for no good reason. This tree was nearly 2m in diameter at its widest point….that is over […]